Forensic Document Examiner

  • Science-based examinations
  • Scientific Reports, not just an opinion
  • Understanding the Science of Paper
  • Document Security Expert

Document Examinations



We utilize several methods to identify different inks and toners used to create documents.



We are able to determine if your paper contains recycle fibers, cotton fibers, deinked fibers, among others.



The photo to the right is called a “dog ear” it is caused by the tension of the paper converting equipment



We offer full services for handwriting analysis, including forged or questioned signatures.

The Impact of Technology on Forensic Document & Paper Analysis

The advancements in technology, especially in software has made it easier to alter or modify documents. You need an expert who has kept up with technology to be able to stay ahead of the bad guys. Experts in paper analysis, document dating and forensic document exam are people who can pinpoint forgery. As a document security expert, I can identify altered documents, cut & paste, or forged signatures.

Why Us

I have over 14 years of experience in Forensic Document Analysis and consulting with other Forensic Document Examiners and Handwriting Experts on cases involving paper and print related issues. My nearly 30 years of paper manufacturing, chemistry and paper converting experience has given me a unique background for forensics document analysis. I have developed two patent pending technologies for use in forensic document examination and document security, ScanRite Paper ID Technology and SecureDoc5 Document Security System. The systems are ready to be used in delivering conclusive results for document dating, forensic paper analysis, identifying substituted sheets, and other similar forgery concerns.

Document Security You Can Trust!

Let our SecureDoc5 technology secure all your important documents. Our patent-pending technology embeds hidden encrypted document identification codes into electronic or paper documents, protecting them from fraudulent activity. Every page can be authenticated and verified.


ScanRite Paper ID Technology

  • I can differentiate paper from different sources.

  • I can identify a substituted sheet.

  • Science-based, statistically proven.

  • 99.7% accurate & repeatable