Documents Examined

  • Wills & Probate Matters
  • Real Estate Documents
  • Bank Checks & Bank Notes
  • Deeds
  • Contracts
  • Any disputed document

Ink & Toner Identification

We utilize several methods to identify different inks and toners used to create documents. We utilize specialize lighting and microscopic imaging. We now offer ink dating services!

Paper Identification

We are able to determine if your paper contains recycle fibers, cotton fibers, deinked fibers, among others. Every paper analysis is conducted with utmost care and the expert eye of a paper scientist.

Identifying Paper Converting Anomalies-Expert Analysis

The photo to the right is called a “dog ear” it is caused by the tension of the paper converting equipment not being adjusted properly when the paper is converted into sheets from large rolls.

Copy & Paste of Signatures

We can identify when signatures have been copied and pasted into electronic documents or altered. Using experience and latest technologies and techniques in forensic document examination. The image at the left shows the artifacts around the T & H being compressed from a previous version of the file.

Ink & Handwriting Analysis

We offer full services for handwriting analysis, including forged or questioned signatures. As a forensic handwriting analysis expert, we offer you technically-based expert reports on the authenticity of the questioned handwriting.