ScanRite Paper ID

Using our patent pending testing methods and analysis, we can distinguish what pages are from the same ream or box of paper and those that aren’t. We are able to “fingerprint” the chemistry within a sheet of paper. This helps identify when and where the paper was made.

“Understanding the Science of Paper”

ScanRite Paper ID Technology

Not only did the ScanRite Paper ID Technology prove that the document wasn’t altered, it proved the other side was lying.

Florida District Judge

ScanRite Paper ID Technology uses scientific testing data and evidence to determine if all of the pages in a questioned document is from the same ream of paper.

ScanRite Paper ID Technology is changing document forensics. Up until now there has not been a way to determine if a page in a document has been substituted. But ScanRite Paper ID has changed that. We can now test the paper and provide statistical evidence at a 99.7% accuracy.

One of our clients was awarded $475,000 over what they were asking to settle their case because ScanRite provided the scientific evidence.

Scientific Evidence

Typically, Document Examiners try to compare the sheets using a black light.This may work on some sheets, but again isn’t scientific evidence.

ScanRite Paper ID changed that. We can provide scientific testing and analysis to determine if all of the pages within a document came from the same ream of paper. We can also date paper by matching its optical properties to paper in our database.

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